Martin, Bob

Bóg nasz Ojciec : biblijna teologia Boga od stworzenia do spełnienia / Bob Martin. - Warszawa : Chrześcijański Instytut Biblijny, 2014. - 261 p. ; 23 cm.

These meditations have been written to tell the story of what it means to be a Christian and a member of the Church.... [T]hey seek, from a biblical perspective, to engage the reader in an introductory study of those doctrines or themes that have to do with the eternal purpose of God and the ultimate relevance of the Christian faith. Furthermore, they propose to pursue this study in a coherent way that will show how these doctrines or themes are related, that is, how each is an integral and essential part of a unified system of Divine revelation that extends from Genesis through Revelation. - foreward.

Includes index.

Introduction: our Father in Heaven -- pt.1. Revelation and reconciliation. In the beginning -- All have sinned -- The hope of Israel -- God with us -- A friend of publicans and sinners -- A teacher come from God -- Obedient unto death -- He is risen -- Lord and Christ -- Your faith has made you whole -- Reconciled to God -- Christ in you -- By grace you have been saved -- pt.2. Community and commission. I will build my Church -- The apostles' teaching -- The breaking of bread -- Devoted to prayer -- Attending the temple together -- The ministry of reconciliation -- Building up the Body of Christ -- As I have loved you -- Christ has set us free -- A living hope -- A new Heaven and a new earth.


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Meditation--Biblical teaching.
God (Christianity)--Fatherhood--Meditations

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